Summerside Area Garden Club Welcome’s You

The Summerside & Area Garden Club meets every third Thursday of the month (except December, July and August) at the Wilmot Community Centre. Over the past few years we have covered many topics and numerous speakers have shared their gardening knowledge with us. The club is open to everyone, novice or experienced gardeners. It’s a fun evening, with opportunities to learn more about gardens and plants and chances to win door prizes. New members are always welcome.


In the spring and summer months, while we are busy planting and maintaining our gardens, we often don’t take the time to stand back and admire the results of our labours! Each garden, large or small has its own unique appeal. Now you have an opportunity to share the unique with other gardeners as the club organizes “Open Garden Tours” during May, July and September. For details click on the “GARDEN TOURS” page.


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How to organize your home when you have a pet

The pet is the man’s closest friend and the worst enemy of the order home. Even if it is not one of the most nasty animals, its presence invariably leads to a mess if the appropriate measures are not taken. That’s why we offer you some tricks to help you cope with the chaos that makes your your hairy friend.

image of dog in gardenIf you are a proud owner of a pet, you understand how much care and attention it needs. In addition, as a full family member, its belongings in the form of toys, accessories, food, etc., occupy some of the space in your home. Often, however, these items are a prerequisite for the occurrence of organizational chaos. Here’s how to deal with it:

Reduce the amount

Ask the question, “What does my pet need?” How much of what it really owns is used in everyday life? How many of them are used once, or are they not, and can safely be thrown or given away? The truth is that if you want to make order in your home, it is imperative to throw away some of the things you have accumulated.

Pet owners have a tendency to store lots of toys and accessories that are worn out or not. Even cat owners have under their sofa balls and toys that they consider irretrievably lost. That’s why you should try to reduce their amount so your pet can enjoy the things it really likes.

Arrangement of belongings

And in this case, organizers and storage boxes will benefit you. Separate toys that are used at home from outside ones by placing them in separate boxes. The treats can be stored in a vertical organizer to hang on the door of the closet. Here your choice depends on the space you have and the creativity you will approach.

Separate a Pet’s Corner

The creation of a special corner or room that is personal to your pet will save you hours collecting toys throughout the house or looking for the occasion before a walk. Depending on the size of the home, consider the possibility of “giving” a corner in the corridor, closet or niche in the kitchen. The boxes of dry food and the bowls of food should be stored in a separate, but close to bed, place, and toys in a box or basket. So all your pet’s belongings will be compact and detached in a particular part of the home, which reduces the risk of scattering.

Storing important documents

Your pet’s passport, along with all records of medical examinations and immunizations, must be kept in a folder where you hold your personal documents. In case of urgency, your pet’s papers must be in an easily accessible place.

The organization is not only important in terms of the aesthetic look of your home, but also about the accessibility of the property.

Always make sure you have timely information and a document proving an intervention. If you are not sure ask your veterinarian.


If your home is small and you do not have large spaces, be sure to use the vertical space as well. Organizing your home will make it more welcoming to both those who live in it and the guests you meet. Another important thing is to keep your home clean and this is very difficult task with a pet in home. Here in help come the cleaning companies. End of tenancy cleaning West London is a company that provides professional cleaning services.